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Refrigerant filling machine

A. One channel with one gun;Double channel with two charging gun.
B. Suitable for R22/R407C/R410A/R134A/R290/R32/R600/R134A

C. Ability design:  23H / day, 330 days / year)


Vacuum extraction equipment   


  • Used in air conditioning assembly line.

Ability to design:  (Note:work 23H / day, 330 days / year)

PLC:Powerful logic programs.Set the conditions for determination
   through the program.


Heat pump assembly line

A. Including power line and manual line.
B. Roller line/chain plate line/belt line 
C. Ability design: three shifts (Note:  work 23H / day, 330 days / year) 


Performance testing machine

1.Test air conditioning with fixed frequency and variable frequency.

2.Test the current, voltage, power, pressure and inlet and outlet air temperature of any air     conditioner.

3.Every machine contains R22/R407C/R410A/R290/R32/R600 system.



Refrigeration production line


Ability to design: three shifts (Note: one day work 23H / day, 330 days / year) 



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