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New sailing, new journey, new leap

New sailing, new journey, new leap, on the morning of September 1, Foshan Dongliu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. new factory relocation ceremony was held in Foshan Huangyong Industrial Zone. Many upstream and downstream partners of Foshan dongliu automation technology co., ltd participated in the housewarming celebration and witnessed the important moment when dongliu company started new development and new journey. At about 10:00 in the morning, the whole celebration was full of vitality and enthusiasm. Wu Houqi, general manager of the company, delivered an ebullient speech. He said that Foshan Dongliu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved today's




Zero carbon future energy storage air conditioning "sword out of the sheath", in the end to solve what troubles?

Recently, the first Western Carbon Neutral Technology Expo kicked off in Chongqing. Zero carbon future officially released a number of energy storage products, including energy storage air conditioning, Valley Electric, light storage heating and so on. Once the product is released, it will set off extensive discussion and attention in the energy storage industry. With the release of this series of energy storage products, zero carbon future has been in the forefront of the cold and heat storage industry. At the site of the Carbon Expo, energy storage products and energy storage air conditioners received widespread attention from guests, who said that energy storage air conditioners can bring an easy experience of cooling and cooling in hot summer. What is "energy storage air conditioning" energy storage air conditioning is based on photovoltaic direct current or night




In 2023, China Heat Pump Exhibition (Shijiazhuang Convention and Exhibition Center), Dongliu Company received many orders.

In 2023, from March 18 to 20, the China heat pump exhibition was held in Shijiazhuang Convention and Exhibition Center. On the 18th, the exhibition guests reached an all-time high, perhaps a retaliatory economic recovery after the liberation of the epidemic. This is a good start for most businesses. Our company also participated in the exhibition, and harvest a lot of orders.




Farewell to 2022, Looking to 2023

Say goodbye to 2022 and look forward to 2023!




Hua Xi Appears at 2022 Zhejiang Exhibition, Explaining the Era of Digital Quality Control

INDUSTRYCONFERENCE Zhihui Zhejiang Chefs, Win-Win Future On November 5, 2022, the fourth session of the Zhejiang Gas Appliance and Kitchenware Kitchen and Electric Industry Association and the 2022 Industry Summit will end. With the theme of "Zhihui Zhejiang Kitchen, Win-Win Future", this meeting brought together representatives of hundreds of well-known enterprises in the kitchen and bathroom industry to build an exchange platform for technology and resource sharing for upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry. At the same time, Haining Municipal Government leaders and experts from various fields in the industry were invited to attend the meeting to jointly study the industry trends, hoping to accelerate the digital and intelligent upgrading of the kitchen appliance industry and promote the kitchen appliance industry.


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