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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries × Yunhui Tiandi | Activate "Fun" and "Play" DNA to Build Urban Organic Community

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries × Yunhui Tiandi | Activate

Everyone who travels to Shanghai will lament the prosperity and exquisiteness of the city, and can better understand its land and gold. Due to the limited stock, the land with superior geographical location and rich industry needs more high-quality asset transformation. Yunhui Tiandi (formerly Lufa Square) is located in the inner ring of Pudong, with a total construction area of 110000 square meters. It occupies the transportation hub of Longyang Road, is adjacent to the New International Expo Center, is located on the inner ring viaduct, looks at Century Park, and has an excellent urban landscape.


As a large-scale high-quality renovation project, Yunhui Tiandi, starting from space reconstruction and community activation, gathers multiple quality formats, carves "fun" and "play" into DNA, and builds a high-quality community integrating office, entertainment and commerce, providing a brand-new model for the renovation, relocation and high-quality operation of existing assets. The project uses Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning KX6 series variable frequency multi-link central air conditioning, with a total of 1500HP delivered and completed in 2021.





Comfortable somatosensory, shaping boutique blocks


Based on Yunhui Tiandi's "fun and play" attribute and organic community positioning, KX6 series provides all-round air management services for shopping malls from the perspectives of temperature, somatosensory and comfort. Through the 3D compressor for the system to achieve excellent compression efficiency, and the original imported compressor strictly control the quality of the system stability, sustainable for merchants and consumers to output comfortable temperature.


KX6 series also uses advanced vector control technology, through the fine control of the compressor to bring a smoother temperature change curve, not only feel more comfortable, but also can bring energy-saving effect, add a touch of green quality blocks.





Save worry maintenance, service quality business


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioner has finely optimized the internal structure of the KX6 series. The compact design not only provides a smaller body and makes transportation more convenient, but also makes maintenance easier through the upper and lower partitions of the air supply room and the mechanical room.


In addition, the KX6 series also specially optimizes the structure of the control box, supports advanced operation data detection function, and is equipped with RS232C interface, which can be connected to PC for system monitoring. Through special maintenance software, the efficiency of maintenance and repair work is greatly improved, which perfectly meets the needs of large public places.





Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning relies on the manufacturing genes inherited from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group to create a high-end air management system with ingenuity to provide customized cooling and heating solutions for high-quality neighborhoods such as Yunhui Tiandi to meet the somatosensory needs of different groups such as consumers and employees.


The stock asset renovation project not only updates the city, but also improves the quality of life of the residents in the region. Just as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning pursues the concept of high-end home life, we continue to develop comfortable technology, optimize home body feeling and wind feeling with the help of technology, improve indoor temperature experience, and let comfortable fresh air blow through every corner of life.

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