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Dongliu Company Celebrates 5th Anniversary Celebration

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Dongliu Company Celebrates 5th Anniversary Celebration

November 8, 2021 is a good day for the 5th anniversary of Foshan Dongliu Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


In order to celebrate the 5th anniversary, the company's leaders delivered an important speech, summarizing the company's ups and downs over the years and its prospects for the future. In addition, colleagues who have served in the company for more than 4 years will be awarded the "Loyalty Service Award" certificate and each cash red envelope will be awarded to 500 yuan.


After the meeting, all the staff of the company went to Dafu Mountain for group building activities. Everyone climbed the mountain together and had a barbecue around the oven. The atmosphere was high and happy.


After several years of hard work and fruitful results, I wish Foshan Dongliu company to become the first brand company in China as soon as possible, and write a new chapter in the new journey, and create another brilliant future!!!

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