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"Integration▪Change "2021 Hunan HVAC Refrigeration Industry Summit Successfully Held

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"Integration▪Change "2021 Hunan HVAC Refrigeration Industry Summit Successfully Held

On January 13, 2022, the 2021 Hunan HVAC Refrigeration Industry Summit and the Hunan HVAC Refrigeration Association Annual Meeting were held in Changsha City, Hunan Province. This summit is hosted by Hunan HVAC and Refrigeration Association and co-organized by Shanghai Pule HVAC Technology Co., Ltd. and Tiandi People Technology Group. This summit is based on "integration"▪With the theme of "change", more than 600 people from more than 400 units in the whole industry chain of universities, scientific research, design, enterprises, businesses and users attended the meeting for the first time. Wang Hanqing, Secretary of the Party Committee (doctoral supervisor, professor) of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Qiu Jian, Deputy Director of Changsha Energy Bureau, Liao Xu, Director of Science and Technology Department (former) of Hunan Provincial Department of Construction, HVAC and refrigeration industry experts and scholars Li Nianping, Yang Zehong, Peng Wucai, Wang Lijun, Cheng Jianing, Li Can, Peng Jianguo, Li Jianliang, Zhao Ziqiang, Xu Xiaoyun, Zhang Ling, Hu Yimin, Duan Sheng, Xiao Shubo, Huang Hua, Cao Jinsong, Tan Zhiwei, Huang Yao, Chen Xin, Pan Chuyang, Cui Yinglong, Zhang Longrui, Zhao Liting, He Huangxiang, more than 100 people, including Wang Xiaolin, Liu Yicheng, Tang Xiaoan, Zeng Yumin, He Chi, Chen Hewei, Tang Zhengfang, Liu Jian, Hou Guoqing, Kuang Sheying, Zhou Li, Zeng Kai, Yang Xutian, Zhang Songlin, Zeng Junyong, Xu Ping, Liu Danni, several mainstream media in Hunan attended the meeting. This summit was unprecedented and was well received by the guests and business representatives.

Li Nianping, chief academic expert of Hunan HVAC and Refrigeration Association, professor of Hunan University and doctoral director, delivered a welcome speech at the summit. He expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests present. He hoped that the conference would be a conference of unity, development and victory. Wang Hanqing, honorary president of Hunan HVAC and Refrigeration Association, party committee secretary, professor and doctoral director of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, made a wonderful concluding speech, praising the success of the conference and making a "five-strength" requirement for the association. I hope the association will continue its efforts and grow stronger.

Mr. Lu Jianxin, President of Hunan HVAC and Refrigeration Association, made a work report. He pointed out that in order to actively implement the national "double carbon" strategy, high efficiency is the principle of the first energy, it is necessary to further strengthen the unity of the industry, change from model innovation to technological innovation, improve the efficient development of the HVAC industry, share the bonus of engineers, and achieve common prosperity. Win the future. The road of carbon neutrality, just like the Internet 20 years ago, will subvert the way we all work and live! President Lu also highlighted the four key tasks of the Association in 2022, hoping that everyone would work hard to complete them together.

Speakers at the summit are: wang Huiquan, national director of Shanghai Pule HVAC Technology Co., Ltd., Zou Kewen, Hunan director of Yuanda Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., Wu Zhexing, deputy general manager of Hunan Yuanheng Technology Co., Ltd., Tan Gang, manager of Zhuzhou Hongxin Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhou Xiedao, senior manager of Hangzhou least Technology Co., Ltd., Peng Lin, project manager of Hunan Jinfu Tax Office, Xie Bin, channel director of Wuhan Huilian Infinite Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhu Shijun. The above leaders and guests all shared wonderful content in their respective fields at the summit.

Through expert review, the conference awarded seven awards, namely HVAC Shennong Award, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award, Quality Supplier Award, Top Ten Unit Award, Outstanding Member Unit, Outstanding Individual Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award. Professor Tang Guangfa and Professor Dai Xiaozhen, old experts in HVAC and refrigeration industry, won the Hunan HVAC Lifetime Achievement Award.

Hunan HVAC Industry Summit takes the whole industry chain service of HVAC and refrigeration industry as its own responsibility, focuses on the hot spots of industry development, explores the law of industry development, excavates the development potential of the industry, integrates the advantageous resources of the industry, and stimulates the innovation potential of the industry. The whole summit focused on the key words of industry development, such as breakthrough pattern, unlimited wisdom, platform empowerment, value reengineering, and creating a new model for the development of HVAC industry. Combined with the current macroeconomic situation and the current situation of upstream and downstream development, the summit conducted exchanges and discussions on hot spots such as industry development opportunities and challenges, innovation and breakthroughs. We are experiencing a great change that has not occurred in a century. Those who are soberly aware of change are wise, those who are agile and brave, and those who seek change through innovation win.

Everyone gathered together and spoke freely. Promote multi-party cooperation through government policy support and digital platforms. Advocate more excellent enterprises and industry experts to join the association to jointly promote the resource sharing and healthy development of the industry. At the same time, the HVAC industry needs to keep pace with the times, so that the "meta-universe" technology for the HVAC industry to empower the power, the wisdom of the momentum, the observer to win, the homeopathic win.

At this point, the "integration of change. Create a new model of HVAC industry -2021 China Hunan HVAC Refrigeration Industry Summit and Hunan HVAC Association Annual Meeting" came to a successful conclusion.

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